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Ashiatsu Massage

“Come see us at A Healing Arts center to experience the exhilarating effects of Ashiatsu Massage.”

Ashiatsu means foot pressure. This massage is delivered with the feet of the massage therapist as she holds onto over head bars for stability and control over every movement. Ashiatsu is best used as deep compression massage for those always craving more pressure to relieve body stresses. Ashiatsu incorporates compressing gliding strokes, pressure points as well as myofacial.

Although best for deep work, the pressure can be adjusted to meet every clients need from light to deep. Depending in certification your therapist will use one foot at a time for light to medium work and smaller areas of deep isolation. She will use two feet at a time for larger areas of deep work.

Benefits of Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu is excellent therapy ranging from deep relaxation to rehabilitating athletic injuries. Ashiatsu uses even pressure over a broader surface area to stimulate muscle sedation naturally reducing pain, lengthening muscles, stimulating blood flow, lymph drainage, increasing range of motion in joints and promoting better posture.

As with any massage therapy, Ashiatsu massage may be contraindicated in cases such as acute injuries, recent surgeries, recent implants, protruding disc, osteoporosis, broken bones, fractures, pregnancy second and third trimester, diabetes with neuropathy, kidney disorders, uncontrolled high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders and contagious and or infectious skin conditions. Please discuss the status of your health physician and your Therapist prior to beginning treatments.

“Come see us at A Healing Arts center to experience the intoxicating effects of Ashiatsu Massage.”

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